Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent is a licensed real estate professional that provides real estate services. Real Estate Services can differ greatly depending on the real estate agency, the real estate agent, the real estate market segment, and the services needed. Finding a real estate agent in the local real estate market is of course one of the first considerations. Choosing a real estate agent, however, can take more consideration than just the location. Agents often have special real estate market segments that they work in. Depending on the agents’ special real estate segments, can often determine what real estate services they might offer which are often tailored to specific market segments. For example, residential real estate agents, depending on the agent, might offer home staging services, with furniture readily available for the home staging photos, videos, open houses, and home showings. Home staging can help tremendously in allowing prospective home buyers to envision the property as their new home.  Depending on your real estate needs will depend on the real estate agent that is best for you. Not all buyers agents are sellers agents, not all sellers agents are buyers agents. Some agents only work as transactional agents. Knowing the differences in what is a buyers agent, a sellers agent, and a transactional agent prior to trying to find a real estate is highly suggested.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services can vary greatly depending on the agent. Additionally, depending on the role of the agent, whether a buyers agent or sellers agent will determine the services offered to help the clients in the best way possible. It is important for clients to discuss with real estate agents the situation in detail, and any specific needs requested in detail. For example, for listing vacant homes for sale in which the seller is not located nearby to the property, choosing a real estate offering services

Real Estate Market Segments

Real Estate Market Segments can be very different and can be complemented by many but different real estate services. Homes for example could be complemented by home staging services, whereas hunting land could be complemented by wildlife scouting, land, and wildlife management, and consulting. Agents working in different segments often have different services that are tailored to specific real estate market segments in addition to local area markets based on location.  Additionally, agents working in specific segments can often provide information relating to financing options on specific property types.  Examples of this could be home financing, land financing, and commercial real estate financing.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Finding a Real Estate Agent by area location is important. Agents working in specific areas have specific area knowledge in addition to local marketing. Local Real Estate Marketing provides exposure to the local community. Many times, agents who are REALTORS® also have access to their local REALTOR® board multiple listing service, which allows adding listings into the MLS for other agents to find them, as well as people searching on real estate portals.  Additionally,   agents who are easily found via search engines for local phrases can offer sellers an advantage in getting exposure for their properties to those actively searching via search engines, on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. For example, as an agent specializing in the local market of Howell County Missouri, our team manages a local real estate blog featuring information about the area, while implementing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION STRATEGIES, which allows us to be easily located via search engines by real estate buyers who are actively searching for our local phrases of Howell County Missouri Real Estate, Howell County Missouri Homes, Howell County Missouri Properties and many more. According to the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group, in 2021 the first step taken in the home search process was to look online for properties across all generations of home buyers. Sellers trying to find an agent to sell their properties are suggested to talk with agents in the market location, and inquire about local marketing strategies as well as what online real estate marketing strategies are available to gain maximum exposure for their property listing.

What is a Buyers Agent

A buyers agent works on behalf of the interest of the buyer throughout the entire home buying process from start to finish. Some buyers agents might also offer additional services after the purchase such as an annual CMA to keep buyers up to date on their property market value.  Buyers agents often have knowledge of financing options for real estate in their market segments in order to help buyers learn what options are available. Additionally, some buyers agents have completed additional education and coursework to earn certifications on specific topics. For example, I am Christy King REALTOR®, MRP, the MRP stands for Certified Military Relocation Professional. As a Certified MRP, I have taken additional education coursework, and earned Certification, The MRP education provided me with and in-depth knowledge regarding working with Veterans and Military Members who are using VA Benefits like VA Home Loans. Agents that work with specific buyer needs often take courses based on the needs of their clients, whether it be luxury homes,  secondary homes as real estate investments, commercial real estate, land investments and more. The scope of services of the buyers’ agents should be thoroughly discussed and understood upfront to ensure all needs of the buyer will be met. Because sellers are generally working with the sellers agent to work on behalf of their interest, buyers also are suggested to have an agent working on their behalf.

What is a Sellers Agent

A sellers agent work on behalf of the interest of the seller through the entire home selling process from start to finish. Sellers agent services will vary depending on the agent. Sellers agents are often responsible for the marketing of the property and listing the property on the market on the MLS. Many Sellers agents who are REALTORS® are members of the their REALTOR® Board Multiple Listing Service, which allows the agent to list properties on the MLS for other agents and property buyers to view. Sellers agents offer different services, some will offer staging of properties, photography, videography, open houses, and more. The marketing plan of the sellers’ agent is very important in order to get the property sold at market value. While many agents will list properties for sale on the MLS, it is suggested to talk with the agent, and inquire about how the property will be presented on the MLS.  For example, will the photo and or videos used on the mls highlight certain features of the home which are appealing to home shoppers?  In addition to listing the property on the mls, does the sellers agent have additional verticals for exposure that will help to gain maximum exposure for the listing, such as first page search engine rankings, direct mail list, contact database of buyers, open house options, broker tours, etc. It is suggested to have a thorough understanding of the marketing plan for the property, as well as expecations of both the sellers agent and the seller. In addition to marketing the property, sellers agents help to negotiate on  behalf of the seller throughout the contract process. Negotiations will often take into account and can be affected by the status of the local real estate market. Sellers agents should be aware of the local market status and will often advise taking into account current market conditions. When considering choosing a sellers agent, it is suggested sellers ask many questions, and have a full understanding of ALL  services to be provided, from pricing strategy, to marketing strategy, to negotiating strategy and more.

Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Real Estate Agent that works in the property area market location as well as the real estate market segment helps to create the best opportunity to purchase and sell properties at the current market value.  Talking with an agent in-depth about the needs and situation upfront helps to ensure the agent has all the information and a full understanding so that the agent can provide the best approach and solutions to serve clients. Clients have different needs, some agents might be better suited to work with clients based on those needs. Before choosing a real estate, it is suggested to evaluate the situational needs and speak with a few agents, and then select the best real estate agent suited to meet the needs of the transaction.