Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale

Properties for Sale and Properties for Rent are available. Missouri Real Estate is in high demand. With South Missouri property taxes being lower than the national average, South Missouri is a great place to live and to invest in commercial properties. Residential properties with acreage across the Ozarks in rural areas can often be purchased with rural home loans by the USDA offering zero and or low down payment home loans. In addition to homes for sale in Missouri, recreational properties are in high demand. Missouri hunting properties, fishing properties, and horse properties are around every corner with timber properties, lake properties, river properties, and equestrian properties with riding trails, horse barns, and more. Agricultural properties and farm properties are common in the region, from cattle ranches to vineyard properties, to hobby farms with farmhouses, the land of the Ozarks truly has it all. With so many opportunities for outdoor recreation and ranches and farms and with an affordable cost of living and low property taxes, commercial properties also are in high demand. Click here to learn more about the favorable business climate in Missouri if considering relocating to Missouri.

Properties for Rent

Properties for Rent are available. To view rentals, search the Missouri Properties for Rent section of the website.

Residential Properties

Residential Properties are available in town as well as Missouri Country homes with acreage and developed land for home build sites.

Recreational Properties

Recreational Properties across the Ozarks are in abundance. From hunting properties to river and lake properties for fishing, the Ozarks truly is a sportsmens’ paradise. Additionally, equestrian properties for horse lovers are common in the area. To locate recreational properties by topic, search keyword phrases in property search, or feel free to reach out to us for assistance in setting up automatic property searches in which you will be notified by email when properties that match your needs are listed.

Agricultural Properties

Agricultural properties are around every corner in the Ozarks. From cattle ranches to vineyard properties to crop and farm land, the area offers many opportunities for farms, ranches, homesteads, and farmsteads. View the farms for sale section of our site to locate farm and ag properties.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties in Missouri are available. Due to a great business growth climate, Missouri Commercial Real Estate is in high demand. View the commercial properties section to locate Missouri Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Rent. Find Commercial Land, Wineries, Storefronts, Warehouses, Storage Units, and more.