Downsizing a Home

Downsizing a Home Before a Move

Downsizing a home before a move can help home sellers to save on moving costs. Selling and downsizing furniture and items non longer used can help generate funds for preparing the home to sell with home repairs.   When preparing to sell a home, home sellers should declutter as much as possible both inside and outside of the home. Clutter appears messy, and has the potential to make an impression of a home that the home is not well cared for and or well maintained. Additionally, clutter takes up space, which can make spaces look smaller, disorganized, and not functional. Decluttering a home can help to pave the way for cleaning, painting, and home repairs. Once the home is decluttered, cleaned, painted,  and small repairs made, the home will be easier to stage and focus on presentation and curb appeal.  Home staging for real estate photography, home showings, and open houses, is best accomplished when the home has been prepared. Home staging helps to feature the spaces in the home as functional and appealing to a broad base of buyers which allows buyers to envision the spaces as their own.

Downsizing Furniture

Downsizing furniture before a move can provide several benefits. Firstly downsizing furniture can help to showcase the space in your home. A lot of furniture and or bulky furniture can make a space feel smaller.  Additionally, moving furniture to the new home can be costly, sometimes more costly than replacing furniture at the new home. When furniture is moved out from the current home, this time provides an excellent opportunity to prepare the home to sell with cleaning and repairs. Additionally, funds created from the sale of furniture and items could be invested in supplies to improve property conditions, such as cleaning supplies, paint supplies, updated fixtures, small repairs, energy-efficient upgrades, and more.  In addition to decreasing moving costs,  featuring more space in a home, the opportunity to clean, generate funds for cleaning, painting, and repairs, home sellers are able to prepare the home for home staging, with possibly more modern design to appeal to a larger buyer base. While a homeowner might love their large vintage velvet green chair, home staging with smaller furniture and in neutrals would be a better strategy to appeal to more buyers. A goal of home staging is to allow the buyers to envision that space which is often achieved better by removing personal taste along with personal items out of the home.

Preparing to Sell a Home

Cleaning floors, walls, and baseboards are a must for home sellers wanting to get the most out of their homes. When selling a home on the market, the home will be competing for buyers with comparable properties. Properties that have been decluttered, cleaned, painted, and updated in the same price range, have the potential to attract more offers and better offers from buyers. While some efforts at home improvements can be costly, others such as cleaning and painting are affordable and have the potential to be a tie-breaker for buyer offers looking at competing properties in the same price, with one property having been cleaned and painted and the other not.

When and How to Start Downsizing

When to start downsizing should be considered in line with when home sellers will be ready to list. Taking steps to downsize and declutter, before listing a home, can help to provide more time for the selling of items as well as more time to prepare to home to sell with cleaning and repairs. In the area of Howell County Missouri, there are several vendor malls open annually, in which vendors can rent and pay a booth rental fee plus a percentage of items sold on a monthly basis. Additionally, there are neighborhood community yard sales in the spring in both West Plains Missouri, and Mountain View Missouri,  in which many residents host yard sales and get up early in the morning to shop yard sales. There a numerous sales at organizations, churches, and fundraising events as well.  Hosting an estate sale as well can help to sell large items and or equipment. There are also equipment auction companies in the area in which residents can sell equipment such as yard and farm equipment through event auctions and consignments.   For items unsold at booths, yard sales,  estate sales, and or auctions, home sellers might consider donating items to local non-profit thrift stores in the area, some of which might be able to provide receipts for nonprofit donation for the purpose of records for taxes.  In addition to local sales venues of stores, estate companies, community and organizational yard sales, and auctions, home sellers can utilize print and online verticals for classifieds. While some classified opportunities might cost a fee, others are free to post items for sale. It is suggested of course to research thoroughly and use caution and safety in any vertical used.

Home Selling Plan

If you are thinking of selling a home and would like to discuss what you can start doing now for preparing your home to sell, please reach out to discuss.  We would be happy to sit with you to talk about your goals and help you develop a home-selling plan. We can provide local resources for vendor booth malls, estate and equipment consignment, and auctions, seasonal community yard sales, thrift stores for donations and more. As a sellers’ agent, we will make suggestions for how to make your home more competitive for attracting buyer offers, for home staging, curb appeal, and of course, discuss pricing and negotiation strategies.

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Home Selling Plan

Contact us today to inquire on a home selling plan. Preparing a Home to Sell Helps Home Sellers Attract More Buyers!